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CPS Supplier Portal Registration
CPS Supplier Portal is a web based self-service tool which enables CPS approved suppliers to monitor their purchase orders, receipts, and payments, and also perform updates to business information related to procurement transactions. This secured website is accessible only to registered users.

Is Your Company Already Registered?
You cannot register at this site if someone from your organization is already registered for the CPS Supplier Portal. You must contact the registered user(s) to request access. Instructions for registered users to add additional users can be found here

Not Already Registered?
If no one from your organization is registered in the portal, please complete the registration process by submitting the following information.

When you have completed all fields, check the box at the bottom of the page to certify that all information is accurate and true and then click 'Submit'. Once your registration is accepted, you will receive an e-mail confirmation containing your username, password and instructions to login.

Your Identification

    All fields are required

CPS Vendor Number 
First Name 
Only approved CPS vendors can request access  
Tax ID Type 
Last Name 
FEIN / SSN associated with the above CPS Vendor Number  
Vendor FEIN 
Job Title 
Enter complete Federal EIN number XX-XXXXXXX
CPS requires this information to validate the credentials you provide
E-Mail Address 
E-mail provided will be your unique username

PO Delivery Method

CPS no longer prints or mails hard copy purchase orders. CPS Suppliers can view and download approved purchase orders through the CPS Supplier Portal. In addition, CPS can send approved purchase orders via e-mail.

If you wish to receive approved purchase orders via e-mail, please specify the PO delivery e-mail address(es) below:

    PO Delivery E-Mail Address(es)
Multiple e-mails should be separated by commas. Example: emailaddress1@host.domain, emailaddress2@host.domain 

NOTE: If you do not provide the PO delivery e-mail address, you will not receive approved purchase orders via e-mail. You will only be able to access them through the CPS Supplier Portal.

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